The world's population is projected to reach 8 billion by the end of the next decade. This creates new challenges and opportunities for making the world a better place.

Animal Feed

  • Rising cost of fishmeal due to limited supply and lack of alternative protein sources


Food Waste

  • Disposal cost, tipping fees
  • Causes noxious odor, unsightly, attracts pests
  • Lost revenue from unsellable items

Resource Conservation 

  • Agricultural practices account for 40% of all land use. (FAO)
  • approx 40% of edible food gets thrown away as waste (NRDC)

Food Security

  • Climate change is affecting agriculture systems in unpredictable ways
  • Many nations rely on food imports
  • Fluctuations in supply cause economic instability

Carbon Emissions

  • Rotting food waste creates methane, more potent than CO2
  • Waste transportation requires fossil fuels 
  • Food miles increase when local resources are unavailable